Throwing It Back To The Big Tymers – They’re Back!

I miss the days when Mannie Fresh and Birdman (Back then he was Baby) made music together creating the ‘Big Tymers’! Those days were from 1993 to 2004. They recorded five albums together and made hits like #1 Stunna and Still Fly. My personal fav was ‘Get Your Roll On’! After 14 years of not being exactly sure if these guys are even friends anymore, they dropped a single for an upcoming album 2 weeks ago! The song is called ‘Designer Caskets’. Check it out.

Are you feeling their new song? Let’s throw it back to ‘Get Your Roll On’.

Just last year Mannie Fresh talked about how Birdman took money from Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has been seen recently hanging out with Birdman. Is all of Cash Money back together? Big Tymers are!



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